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Customer Reference Lead, UKI
Google Cloud
Charlotte is passionate about helping companies showcase and celebrate their customers - from promoting customers stories internally, connecting customers and prospects for deal progression through to securing customers for external marketing opportunities, she brings attention to detail and thorough understanding of all elements of customer advocacy. Charlotte is the Customer Reference Lead, UKI at Google Cloud.
04 December 2024 10:30 - 11:00
Fireside Chat: Tips & tricks to customer referencing and traps to watch out for
Join Charlotte Hinson of Google Cloud and Jasmine Mokrysz of Ford Money as the divulge tips & tricks to customer referencing as well as traps to watch out for. In this session you will learn: - How to manage an overflow of references with little budget or time - How to manage demanding stakeholders without losing control of your calendar or inbox - How to foster relationships with the people that really matter - your customers comms teams

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