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Sartori Errico
Global Sr. Customers Community & Advocacy Lead - Cybersecurity
Cristina Errico Sartori lives in sunny Madrid and has built a vibrant community of cybersecurity customers committed to making this world safe. This global community has achieved the number of six hundred engaged advocates in five years thanks to the acts of advocacy done inside and outside the community. You can discover their deeds following the #SecurityHeroes hashtag on LinkedIn and read about their superpowers in the Security Heroes blogs managed by Cristina. Her passion for customers has driven her to win two awards in 2023: “Top 100 Customer Marketing and Advocacy Influencers,” recognized by Base - Customer Led Growth. and “The Ones to Watch in 2023" by the Customer Marketing Alliance Association. She works at Cisco Systems as a Senior Customer Community and Advocacy Lead in Cybersecurity and has more than seventeen years of experience in this field for B2B companies.
04 December 2024 12:30 - 13:00
Six ways to extract more value from your customer case studies
If you think promoting your case studies starts only once published, you may be losing up to half of the unique visitors your case study webpage could have. See in this session how Cristina turned a traditional success story into a more significant opportunity to build a strong foundation for ongoing advocacy and how she measured these results in an impactful way.

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