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Director of Customer Marketing & Advocacy
Over 10 years of experience in customer facing roles in marketing, customer success and sales. A broad range of experience most recently focusing on discovering and sharing the voice of the customer. Ashley finds advocates and shares their stories through case studies, videos, blog posts, peer reviews and customer advisory boards. Ashley leads with a customer first approach, thrives on data and metrics, and has fun in everything she does.
04 September 2024 15:15 - 16:00
Panel - Building a culture of retention: Best practices for long-term customer success
Struggling with customer churn? This panel dives deep into building a culture of retention. Hear industry experts share proven strategies to: - Turn customers into loyal fans - Predict their needs - Leverage data for success. Walk away with a roadmap to: - Slash churn - Boost customer lifetime value - Become a customer marketing champion within your organization.

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