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Director, Corporate Events
Uber Freight
Rebecca is a passionate event professional dedicated to creating engaging and thoughtful experiences for all attendees, both internal and external. Firmly believing in the pivotal role of events in driving all aspects of a business, Rebecca considers them to be one of the most effective strategies for customer recruitment and retention. With a strong focus on bringing people together to network, share ideas, and foster learning, Rebecca finds immense joy in orchestrating successful events that leave a lasting impact.
04 September 2024 09:45 - 10:30
Panel: Accelerating business value using customer-led advisory boards
A key challenge with traditional Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) is the outsized involvement of the sponsoring company, across all CAB aspects – design, charter, recruitment, agenda, and ongoing operations. The role of members in many CABs is limited to showing up to the annual meeting and participating in a few conference calls throughout the year. Ignite’s CAB 2.0 introduces the concept of Customer-Led Advisory Boards (CLBs). This is the holy grail in CAB engagement as it represents an evolution of the traditional CAB engagement model. Not all companies will be able to realize the promise of CLB, but those that can get to this aspirational state will reap outsized benefits. In essence, the CAB members become 50% “owners” in the CAB process and most importantly, in the strategic outcomes. You will learn: - What are the shortcomings of traditional CABs for both your company and your CAB members? - Why will CLABs deliver the holy grail of CAB engagement and outsized benefits? - How is this paradigm shift manifested in all aspects of CAB work?

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